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  • Monitoring and Alerts for SSN, Credit, & Financial Accounts
  • Get free credit scores and annual credit reports
  • Scanning for identity theft and reduce junk mail
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All New LifeLock Members Receive Up to 25% off your first year

LifeLock Standard™

  • SSN & Credit Alerts†
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • USPS Address Change Verification
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • 24/7 Live Member Support
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package*
  • Up to 25% off your first year


Save $12.00/yr

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LifeLock Advantage™

  • Fake Identity Monitor
  • Court Records Scanning
  • Breach Notifications
  • Online Annual Credit Reports & Scores1
  • Bank Account Activity Alerts†
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package*
  • Up to 25% off your first year


Save $24.00/yr

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LifeLock Ultimate Plus™

  • Investment Account Activity Alerts†
  • Bank Account Application Alerts†
  • Account Takeover Alerts†
  • Credit Inquiry Activity
  • File-Sharing Network Searches
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking1
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package*
  • Up to 25% off your first year


Save $36.00/yr

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Comprehensive Protection For Less

Use LifeLock Promotion Code ORGRFP And Save!

So you’ve decided that LifeLock is the best identity protection solution for you and saving money on your membership is the last step before enrolling. The ORGRFP LifeLock promo code for LifeLock, LifeLock Advantage and LifeLock Ultimate Plus has a 100% acceptance rate for up to 25% off your first year on approved member enrollment and is a direct LifeLock coupon and will save you up to 25% off your first year. Use the ORGRFP LifeLock discount promo code today and save!

How to Use the ORGRFP Promotion & Receive Your Discount

It’s simple to save today on LifeLock services. The best way and what we recommend is to call the number above or below at 1-844-993-1307 and be sure to mention your promotion code ORGRFP to receive your discount. One of LifeLock’s friendly and helpful customer care representatives will take care of the rest. Or, you can click on any of the green “Get Started” links on this page and head straight to the enrollment center. Make sure the LifeLock promo code ORGRFP is applied so that you get your savings and you’ll be all set with the one of the world leaders in identity theft protection!

ORGRFP LifeLock Promo Code Applies to All Products

LifeLock offers a trio of identity theft protection products and by using LifeLock’s promo code ORGRFP you’ll save on the plan that suits your lifestyle the best! Review LifeLock plans and promotional savings below and see what works best for you.

LifeLock Standard™ Savings – The ORGRFP LifeLock discount saves up to 25% monthly for the first year of your membership on all LifeLock products including LifeLock Standard. Enrolling today will discount your membership to $8.99 per month from the standard $9.99 per month. Total annual savings are $12.00 per year!

LifeLock Advantage™ Savings – Using our ORGRFP LifeLock promotion code for your LifeLock Advantage purchase, you will see a savings of $2.00 per month from $19.99 to $17.99. LifeLock Advantage customers save a total of $24 annually.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ Savings – With the ORGRFP LifeLock coupon applied to your LifeLock Ultimate Plus protection service, your monthly price will be reduced from $29.99 to $26.99 saving you $3.00 per month and $36 per year.

The Best LifeLock Discount

Don’t worry about spending time doing research to find a better discount. Yes, there are other websites and coupon sites that say they offer a better deal, but how often do you get a "Promo Code Invalid" notice when using those site? Our ORGRFP Promo Code works 100% of the time to get you up to 25% off your first year on approved member enrollments without the hassle of fishing around on other sites to find the a LifeLock coupon that actually works! Our ORGRFP LifeLock promotion code guarantees up to 25% off your first year! If you’re ready to enroll, just click the green “Get Started” button above or call 1-844-993-1307 and mention ORGRFP.