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4 Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Child’s Online Activity

Teens are considered Digital Natives, as they have always had technology in their lives. Digital devices are integral tools for your child’s academic pursuits, entertainment, and their social lives. While technology use can unlock wonderful opportunities for communication and discovery, it also leads your child into dangerous territories. Continue Reading »

A Look at Increasing Cell Phone Account Fraud

Ever-evolving technology continues to fascinate and impress us, but with these incredible advancements come alarming risks. Keeping pace with the progressing tech, hackers and identity thieves are now hijacking cell phone accounts at an increasing rate. Continue Reading »

How to Protect Your Parent from Identity Theft

Identity thieves tend to target the most vulnerable people, which oftentimes means children and the elderly. If you’re helping take care of a parent, you need to explain the common scams and problems that can lead to identity theft. Here are a few simple tips to start Continue Reading »