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Top 5 Data Breach Predictions for 2017

The risk of a data breach, as well as the ensuing costs, continue to climb worldwide, putting not just multibillion dollar companies at risk, but also the costumers they serve. The Ponemon Institute’s 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis found the average total cost of a data breach increased to $4 million from $3.79 million the previous year, while the average cost of a single record increased to $158, compared to $154. This amount is enough to put some companies out of business and, at the very least, cause consumers to worry about their personal information and lose trust in a company. Continue Reading »

Who Is Most at Risk for Identity Theft?

Despite increased awareness of the risks of data breaches and identity theft, online security is more vulnerable than ever. Statistics from the Identity Theft Resource Center show 2016 as a record-setting year in data breaches, with 980 breaches and more than 35 million records compromised. Furthermore, the latest report on identity theft from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, published in 2015, shows nearly 18 million people were identity theft victims in 2014, up from 2012. Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday, Chip Cards

Cash or credit used to be the biggest question in the checkout line. Now? Swipe or insert. Chip cards — those using EMV technology — arrived in the U.S. a year ago this month, and despite cries from consumers, studies show the cards Continue Reading »