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At LifeLock, the focus is on more than just helping protect identities through service offerings. It’s important that LifeLock also lends a helping hand everywhere and anywhere that it can whether services are being consumed or not. Because LifeLock is a fraud protection provider, its expertise lies in those areas revolving around and effected by identity theft. Therefore, community focus is aimed at employing earned knowledge and skills to all those individuals and agencies that can use it the most.

LifeLock’s involvement in the community includes, but is not limited to, leadership and direction in the following programs.

NOVA – The National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) is a leader in crisis response in the United States. More often than not, the aftermath of an identity theft leaves those victim’s in a wake that becomes difficult to rebound from. However, the partnership between NOVA and LifeLock now offers assistance and additional resources to identity theft victims for added support.

The partnership between NOVA and LifeLock marks the first national partnership for NOVA and will provide NOVA staff members personalized training on the steps an identity theft victim can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim once again. Identity theft victims that turn to this partnership will be assisted both on the emotional side of being an ID theft victim as well as the steps needed to recoup their good name, reputation, and credit. This national partnership also offers the public several identity theft protection workshops, continuing the education and awareness effort. For more information on NOVA, visit their website at

LifeLock Speaker Series – Since 2008, LifeLock representatives have met with over 25,000 customers and consumers across the nation as part of LifeLock’s Speaker Series. This program seeks to provide the most important and necessary information to help every person in obtaining the maximum level in personal and financial information protection through LifeLock identity theft protection services.

LifeLock provides customized Speaker Series presentations to fit the needs to your venue. Whether college students, senior citizens, business and more, LifeLock’s Speaker Series can be tailored to provide the most useful information to it’s audience. All speakers are Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists who reveal how your personal information may be stolen or lost and found in the wrong hands. Our speakers also give helpful information to enlighten audience members of the many ways their information may be used fraudulently, how the risk can be minimized by using several free methods of protection, and several other helpful solutions for protecting yourself.

Law Enforcement Summits – As identity thieves continue to find new ways to steal personal information, the number of reported identity thefts increases making evermore difficult for law enforcement officials to solve cases left in the wake of these criminals racking up huge amounts of debt, destroying credit scores and financial tarnishing people’s good names. As a result, a unique partnership has been made between the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, and LifeLock. This partnership aims to educate law enforcement by sharing valuable information between the two parties.

LifeLock uses the information gained to educate the industry as it’s voice to empower customers. LifeLock and FBI-LEEDA present one day summits on identity theft protection. Because investigations of such crimes can often times be complex and difficult, we challenge all law enforcement to share information to help protect their communities therefore reducing victimization to their citizens. For more information on Law Enforcement Summits including dates and persons involved, visit the Law Enforcement Summits page.