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ID Protection From LifeLock

More than just a identity protection , LifeLock works hard to stay ahead of today’s Identity thieves.

  • Identity Theft Detection and Alerts
  • USPS Address Change Verification
  • Black Market Website Surveillance
  • Reduced Credit Card Offers
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package*

* Terms apply

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LifeLock Standard™

LifeLock focuses on providing top of the line fraud protection services and solutions. Their focus on customer service and satisfaction has led LifeLock to the forefront of the ID theft protection industry – leading the way with LifeLock’s Standard service suite. If you enroll, now you’ll save up to 25% off your first year immediately!

LifeLock Standard Service Includes:

  • USPS Address Change Verification – This service has been designed to actively detect any and all new address information for your identity in nationwide address databases. If we are able to detect a fraudulent address change, we will work diligently with you to help avoid any additional damage that may be caused and restore the proper address information immediately.
  • Black Market Internet Surveillance – LifeLock patrols thousands or black market and illegal websites for fraudulent buying, selling and trading of private info tied to your identity.
  • LifeLock SSN & Credit Alerts† – As soon as any detection is made of fraudulent use of your identity and information we alert you by email or telephone so that the proper action can be taken.
  • Reduce Pre-approved Credit Card Offers – We request removal of your name from all pre-approved credit card mailing list offers dramatically reducing the possibility of a thief rummaging through your mail and/or garbage and robbing you of your personal info.
  • 24/7 Member Service – Enroll in any LifeLock service and receive anytime access to your myLifeLock members only interface and 24/7 direct access to our customer service panel of Member Services Representatives.
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package* – If at anytime you become a victim of identity theft due to a failure in LifeLock services, we’ll help you recoup your damages up to $1 Million.
  • Lost Wallet Protection – If at anytime you lose your wallet, a WalletLock representative will assist you in canceling and replacing the missing contents of your wallet.
  • Resolution Support – If you become a victim, a Certified Resolution Specialist will work with you to help restore your ID.

Originally $9.99, Now $8.99/mo!


That’s a savings of $12 per year!