LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock’s commitment to excellence is to provide industry leading identity theft protection to its customers with unprecidented technology, experience, and knowledge. With LifeLock’s all-inclusive Ultimate package, you can rest assured that your identity and valuable personal information is secure and safe. Enroll today and receive a special promo offer for 30 DAYS FREE and 10% OFF your membership for the lifetime of your account. Click the link above or call 1-800-543-3562 and use the promo code ORG30 to redeem your discount offer and get protected today.

Committed To The Community

Aside from LifeLock’s dedication to providing the highest level of identity theft protection for it’s customers, LifeLock also engages in the industry and community to provide a helping hand above and beyond what its services provide. Their current involvement in community outreach includes direct non-profit work with the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, a partnership with the National Organization for Victim Assistance as well as LifeLock’s own LifeLock Speaker Series dedicated to bringing light to the community about fraudulent identity theft activity. With plans to spread community reach into donation programs, community service and more, LifeLock is committed to serving the community and helping anyone in need whether victim of identity theft or not. For more information on LifeLock community outreach, visit the community section of – a trusted and authorized partner of LifeLock, Inc.

At LifeLock, identity theft protection services are just one way that they can provide a helpful service to everyone. provides helpful information dedicated to communicating the steps that LifeLock takes above and beyond its supporting services. To show that we care, provides to each and every visitor a 10% DISCOUNT and 30 DAYS FREE LifeLock promo code (promo code ORG30) on all LifeLock services when enrolling at the website or by phone call. This LifeLock discount applies to all levels of LifeLock services including our new LifeLock Ultimate as well as standard LifeLock services. You can enroll now by simply clicking on the identity theft protection service plan above that fits your needs. You’ll then be taken to the website with your discount of up to $66.25 already applied, or you can call the number above to get more information from one of LifeLock’s friendly representatives (use promo code ORG30 to redeem discount). If you would like to see more information on each service plan, visit the ID fraud protection services section of